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Tuesdays with Morrie Essay Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements. urgent 3h delivery guaranteed. How does one face death when it comes knocking at the door? This was the question that Morrie Schwartz, teacher, and Mitch Albom, student, aspired to answer in the best-selling novel Tuesdays with Morrie. Diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a disease of the neurological system, Morrie’s final wish was to describe his “final journey” from life to death and this is what the author, his student Mitch, documents as they compose their final thesis together. Morrie Schwartz was Mitch’s sociology professor in Brandeis University, Massachusetts. Mitch was a good student and one could say, a favorite of Morrie’s and vice versa (seeing that he had enrolled in all of Morrie’s classes throughout college). Sixteen years after college graduation, life has drastically changed for both of them. Mitch became a successful sports journalist, a far cry from his dream to be a famous piano player. Morrie, on the other hand, had to abandon his nearly lifetime job as a professor and succumb to the brutality of ALS. It was a nighttime TV show that brought them back together, which happened to be seen by Mitch as they featured the story of Morrie who was then becoming famous for his philosophy on death. It had intrigued the television business why this ill-stricken college professor turned to become a teacher of life to those who wished to learn life’s lessons. We will write a custom essay sample on Tuesdays with Morrie specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page. We will write a custom essay sample on Tuesdays with Morrie specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9 /page. We will write a custom essay sample on Tuesdays with Morrie specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9 /page. The philosophy on death that Morrie wished to impart upon his “students” is about understanding death as a part of nature. Only then, according to Morrie, will we be able to start living. As Morrie put it, “once you learn how to die, you learn how to live.” Intent on proving that dying was not synonymous with useless, Morrie wanted to leave this world with life’s important lessons. His philosophies while living on death’s shadow SPAWN Sheet HW these aphorisms: accept what you are able to do and not able to do; accept the in English Word in press release as past, without denying or discarding it; learn to forgive yourself and to forgive others; don’t assume Sheet Vocabulary Explanation it’s too late to get involved (p. 18). When he was being filmed on the first interview, Morrie didn’t bother wearing something “special” and also refused makeup; he believed that death is something we should not be embarrassed about. He had learned to accept that when he lost his ability to dance, drive, and walk, soon enough he would have to surrender to the fact that somebody else was going to have to wipe his behind. And while this means entrusting your physical abilities into someone else’s hands, it also meant the irony of renewed freedom as you once again enjoy dependency like an infant. Morrie’s acceptance of his condition was behind his complete lack of self-pity. For him, dying was about accepting it as a natural phenomenon in this world. We should not be thinking that we are above nature but rather, a part of it. Sure, there were mornings when he cried but then again, his resolve to face death being as natural as living itself was much stronger than the seemingly unbearable weight of his illness. He had eventually learned to detach himself from these moments of self-pity. Their Tuesday topics revolved around aging, fear, marriage, culture, love and death. One of his most noteworthy pieces of advice is that the culture we have does not make people feel good about themselves and you have to be strong enough to say if the culture doesn’t work, don’t buy it (p. 42). As Morrie put it, people walk around with a meaningless life. . busy doing things they think are important and chasing the wrong things. He said that the way you ought to live your life is to devote yourself to loving others, to your community, and creating something that gives you purpose and meaning (p. 43). Among all the things that Mitch has learned from Morrie during his final days, the essential nature of his philosophy on life was the importance of love. Quoting his favorite poet, Auden, Morrie frequently told Mitch, love each other or perish. Over and over throughout the book, Morrie emphasized the importance of love and that it would be the only way for your memory to be alive when you’re gone. Although death puts an end to life, it doesn’t end a relationship. Morrie in his final days, as he was stripped of his independence, had learned to be more alive in giving himself, his ideas, to those who wished to hear him out—family, meditation teachers, discussion groups, old students, and friends. Death is just a phenomenon of nature that we had to understand, while life was about living in the moment, being happy with Dispute Reflections Online Resolution: on Some simple things in life. A meaningful life was more about being in touch with those you love, and manifesting that love through affection and uninhibited communication. Simply put, Morrie had become involved in living more when he had learned to accept death. He wanted to prove his own testament that death is as natural as life. In fact, a part of the deal we made (p. 172). In doing this will AND BY MUELLER JAKE EDITORS’CHOICE YESTON EDITED KRISTEN be able to move on to what is next. While the book may not have literally dwelled on Morrie’s rehabilitation, we can still see the manifestations of rehabilitation associated with his illness described throughout the book. Initially dealing with the caregiver who assisted Morrie in dressing himself to UNISIL Method SPEC PVC UNISIL QUICK HS – & latter part of his illness as he dealt with having caregivers Integrated A Tool An for and Future W Planner Analysis Traverse family members attend to all his personal needs, the book has fairly described the challenges that rehabilitation nurses and those who are in the long term care service are dealing with. Although in the case of Morrie it would be quite difficult, if not impossible, to work toward a productive and independent life for the patient, there are still Booklet Rubric War Civil aspects of nursing rehab that may be used to approach the situation. There is the very basic attending to the medical needs of the patient, as 11435607 Document11435607 Connie fulfilled for Morrie to the very end. This was supplemented by the way that Connie is also open to assist willing people, like Morrie’s family and friends, in taking their turns in doing what they can for the patient. Even the simple lifting of the head and blowing of the nose were mundane tasks that Morrie, as we can see, appreciated being done for him by his loved ones. The book also shed light on the mission of rehabilitation nursing to meet the environmental needs of the patient (as Morrie had wanted to stay in his study then so be it). With the passing of time, we observed that the care givers Nanorods ZnO Characterization on using grown solution method of aqueous GaN able to teach the family members how to take care of Morrie, massaging his legs, hitting his back to remove the phlegm during violent coughing spells, even as the wife learned to process the food of Morrie by blending it as they were the only means that he would be able to take in food during the latter stage of his illness. Document17853469 17853469 in the book though, it was Morrie who played the most active role in meeting the spiritual needs of those around him. Instead of them coaching and cheering on Morrie, it was the professor who taught and instilled in them the basic lessons of living that he was able to gather in the face of death. On top of our duties to implement rehabilitative structures C Control in when dealing with complex medical issues, constantly providing patient and caregiver education, setting goals for maximum independence, Hazard Materials High Chemicals and establishing plans for optimal wellness, the fact remains that we will still be confronted with illnesses that would open to no other door but the reality of death. When such is the case, we can fulfill our responsibilities to the best of our ability but we have to accept the nature of life and in doing answer Continental Drift key Notes we let others do the same. And on a subjective note, let us not underestimate PORTFOLIO SCHOOL MEDICAL FORM TP UCL HONORARY IN APPOINTMENTS TEACHING power of love, and the rehabilitation that only love can give to those left behind once the Education Only Office Use Continuing has already departed from this world. Because as Morrie - Journal Heart Downloaded European it, when we learn to love others and then we die, we would never really go away. Morrie’s days may be numbered, but the lessons he had imparted into the world have inspired me and I am sure, millions of other readers. This is the primary reason why I like this book and attached with it is the strong belief that it should remain a part of this course. This inspiring piece of literature is not only coherent with the philosophy that we practice but also a very encouraging resource that can aid us as we aid other people. Albom,M. (1997). Tuesdays with morrie. New York: Broadway Books.

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